Impalpable Dream of Russia

Tonight, we share a dream.

Tonight, we share Michael Cinco’s “Impalpable Dream of Russia”.

Philippine Fashion is constantly evolving, offering nothing but the best. And as we speak of Philippine fashion, we speak of Michael Cinco- truly, a Filipino pride who never seizes to amaze.

It has been my greatest honor and grandest pleasure to witness for the first time, a Michael Cinco show… up close. Before my eyes, his creations sparkle the runway and when it hit the light, oh my, BREATHTAKING! In my head, “it just gets better and better and better”. It doesn’t take a keen eye to see the intricate details of his designs as it screams out to you by itself in the most promising couture way.

The booming music filled my senses with utter excitement and the graceful dancing of lights kept me hanging piece by piece in equally overwhelming appreciation. I can’t speak in fine points for what I have to say might be an understatement to how amazing his art pieces were, he’s a talent whose growth in fashion I cannot fathom.

The show narrated a story. The show outshone diamonds. The show is Michael Cinco’s- the night is his for us.  

Behold is a tale of elegance...

Art that is too dreamy to my eyes…

Photos courtesy of www.philippinefashionweeklive.com

Call this a BONUS. 
The Impalpable Michael Cinco strut the runway radiating "couture" success!
Click here to watch the video.
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Eat Out Sunday

It's SunDate. A date with God and my family.

And since I am the only vegan in our family... yet, I get to choose ,or more appropriately, 'find' where I shall get a vegan meal.

So what's for lunch? Check it out!

Reunion with the yummy Mushroom Burger from Bodato Burgers! (minus the cheese for me)
I really missed this! The last time I ate this felt like a million years ago already. They should probably change its tagline into GUILT-FREE GREATNESS! Hahaha. Seriously, it's really good!


Being the ultimate sweets lover, I wouldn't want to miss out on dessert too, right?
So behold is my newly found pleasure... Mr Bean!!!

They cater soy-made-sweets that will certainly make vegans giddy! And isn't that a lovely feeling?

It is located beside the famous, Gong Cha and always busy,  J.Co

Their awesome wall says it all

Indulging and digging in to "Life's Simple Pleasure"
Soy Choco-licious!

Bottom line is, as always, enjoying good food and living life compassionately need not to be so difficult.
In fact, it just gets lovelier each day!


Healthy Boredom

Boredom just found its way down to my tummy.

I’m bored. Fine, I’ll cook. Hahaha.

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing that instead of making my ‘traditional’ (well, for nearly a year and a half) pasta, I went for a homemade pizza.

Since I got the resources to bring into play the “vegan chef” in me, it felt like a heaven sent mission for my pizza craving to be satisfied. With very little ingredients required, you need not to hassle yourself going out for quite all of it can be found in your kitchen. In fact, the entire process didn’t have to be so hard.

It seemed like I owe a bit of explanation for the ingredients I used. As what I’ve said, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing so as much I would like to share some oh-so-good-looking masterpiece, I am unprepared. Actually, the reason why I used shiitake mushrooms was because that was the only kind of mushroom available. Basically I just put it all in, though I did take some effort on making it look appetizing. Then hit it on the microwave oven. Hahaha.

But hey, you don’t judge the food by the way it looks just like you don’t judge a book by its cover! LOL

Just like what the rest of my family did, saying, “It’s all yours.” Fortunately, the two gentlemen of the house were gentlemen enough to have a good taste of labor. Yey!

 Ingredients: Whole wheat tortillas, bell pepper, shiitake mushroom, onion, tomato, tomato paste

Voila! Pizza craving, OFFICIALLY SATISFIED!


Student Awards Night 2013

Adamson University’s Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) gather in this much anticipated event- Student Awards Night, a night that sums up all their efforts rooted from their remarkable Operational Plans to accomplishment of their activities, submission of monthly reports and everything that comes in between, amidst being simple students of their chosen courses of study. It is indeed the will to inspire that keeps the student organizations moving forward, aiming higher.

Representing ADUMS with my Vice-President (Internal Affairs), and yeah, sister, Justine

It is a night of expectations- or maybe NOT. Well, probably in our case.

Without further ado, we were awarded as THE BEST COORDINATED ACTIVITY for our environmental activity, “The Green Minded Movement”. That was us, Adamson University Mountaineers along with Tinik ng Teatro.




Lysa, Justine, and I with the VPSA/fellow mountaineer, Fr. Bayal

That was me waiting... hoping.

With AUSG/AdU-PULITIKA, PSME-AdU, and ASA-AdU Presidents

With my best president friends!

With ASA-AdU and JPCS Presidents

With the beautiful Presidents from the Petronas Towers Team
L-R: Mara (AUMACOMMS), Caren (ACOMSS), Lysa (PSME-AdU), and Monic (ASA-AdU)

On the other hand, Student Awards Night 2013 came out to be a night I dreaded to happen. Let me explain why. First, I am overflowing with “I should have done better”.  Second, I am bothered with “For some reasons, nobody seemed to realize my share of ideas, efforts, moreover sacrifices”. Third, the truth is “I am unappreciated”. The latter part of my presidency had been really rough. The circumstances had been rough.

In the end, I realized I was wrong. It was wrong to go farther from the responsibility I took an oath to. It was wrong that I played the ‘great pretender’ telling myself, everything’s going to be fine. It was wrong that I did not open up. It was wrong that in a way, I left. This is then the impossibility of ‘reaching out’ in terms of empathy, there was no connection.

I have my story. They have their stories.

But this night was not about me. It is about US. It is OUR story.

Nothing compares to having your activity and organization summoned up on stage.

We have been through a lot of thinking, drinking, sleepovers, dramas and absences. Every ounce of endeavor was WORTH IT.

It is not just about proving our selves. It is about our PASSION being recognized. It is about ‘trekking’ to bring forth change. It is about being the ‘change’ in a way we were made to be. We take pride on being mountaineers. Adventures are our amplified inspirations to be more… doing more.

I am leaving my post with a grateful and hopeful heart. The next year is going be amazing. I know it will be. Good luck to the new set of officers! The only way is up. 

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