Crazy Life

Why I prefer to live a crazy life?


It's a question that just popped out of my wandering mind a couple of days ago, no one bothered to ask so I'm not speech-ready to answer such obscure question. Now, I am insanely asking myself.

Aside from the real and scientific definition of "crazy", I grew to personally have my own.

Yeah that's how I desire to live my life.
By crazy I meant having the freedom to be out of my mind;

-that the ability to enjoy things are beyond those of the sane people
-that the idea of "impossibility" barely cross my mind
-that dreaming every second of my life is understandable
-that crying without a reason is okay (just like what I mentioned before)
-that actually being "non-sense" is sensible
-that by creating an inconsistent philosophy, I grow to love myself even more.
-that being stupid in love meant I have to be smart enough on my decision to be stupid
-that the past is the source of my strength
-that I don't believe in second chances. If I fail, I start all over again differently. No matter a thousand times I fail, I just keep going 'til I'm done
-that I don't fear death but the fact that out of the life I lived, I fail to live a crazy one because in life I can't have a thousand chances or more.
-that having to decide for myself isn't stubborn but is something to adore
-that laughing at myself is sweet
-that in having a family I don't have to be crazy or normal, I just have to be human to feel love. And by family I meant those (may be my own blood or not) who never fail to bring out the ultimate me.

I'm off to discover more crazy things that would add up to my list. Fully aware that this exploration could go on for as long as I live.

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