Tears are known to be of different kinds
but for me, it is just between GOOD and BAD.

It's cute when someone, even myself, is brought to tears by laughing so hard.

It makes a good dramatic scene when tears come upon attainment of great fulfillment. It makes you go back to what you had gone through in order to grab that prize.

Although sometimes I.hate.TEARS.

I hate;
when tears come on times I don't want 'em to,
when tears don't come on times I think it's the best thing I could possibly do,
that whenever I try to push tears back by my fingers, the more intensely they come,
how a small amount of tears make me feel vulnerable,
how tears can lead to a half-hour crying,
how tears blocks my mind into thinking maturely,
that tears can destroy your nearly-impossible-to-be-done-in-an-hour make up,

I hate tears simply because no matter how many times I promise myself that "this is the last time I'm ever gonna cry", I always tend to break that promise which then cause more tears.

Though I could sometimes hate tears, but when the time comes that all those tears I tried to hold back come together in just one soulful cry, that would probably be the greatest lesson of my life.

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