I'm thankful that I've grown in a family that feels nothing but LOVE and COMPASSION for animals.

Our entire family- Papa, Mama, and my 3 sisters, took care of rabbits, birds, turtle, hamsters, and dogs so at a young age of 6, I've developed this strong feeling of attachment to them- greatly with dogs. We took care of them until it's their time to leave. Those times were the HARDEST especially to me and my two (2) youngest sisters. We cry a lot and feel outrageous grief. Presently, we are taking care of nine (9) cute, cuddly, lovable dogs and a turtle which we are planning to freed to its natural habitat.

No wonder this photo brought out this horrific side of me. I mean what's not to be horrific about in this photo? Animals do have the RIGHT TO LIFE as well. Who are we, humans, to take it from them? WHO ARE WE?

Shocked and was merely out of words- this was my initial reaction upon seeing this photo. I had a personal encounter with this certain incident in the past and going back to that memory in my head hurts me more than it did before. It is HEARTBREAKING.

These people MONSTERS must pay for what they did. I may not be very aware of the law that concerns this but I'm certain that a violation has been done and they MUST NOT let this pass.

I appreciate the concerned people who initiated to spread this photo. I agree with Mr. Kristian Taj Trinidad on his statement.

''Hi guys, I need to ask you a huge favor. Please circulate this photo on your profiles and send it to your friends. We need to find these people and make them pay for the abuse and pain they are inflicting on innocent animals. We don't know what country they are at, but facebook is worldwide, so let's use the power of social media and friends to capture these abusers. Thank you in advance, i would be so grateful if you could do that for the little animals out there. Please notify the police and animal protection services as soon as you come accross some valid information.''


I believe that this is something that can be resolved if we are willing to help by fully extending this matter to the public so that the identity of these ABUSERS may be revealed and so that we may finally notify the authorized department to put charges on them.

Thank you!

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