BIG LOVE for Mike Posner

As promised, here is the story on how Mike Posner swept me off my feet!

Mr. Michael “Mike” Posner performing live at Glorietta 4!
Oh. My. Gosh.
I was like, I can die after seeing him perform even just from afar.

We arrived on G4 at 7 PM. Thank God! Mike Posner isn’t on stage yet. The heartbreaking traffic is to be blamed for our late arrival. The three of us, Faye, Trisha, and I, didn’t plan to get our butts inside the concert area since there was already a great view of the show from where we were standing. Until a guy offering CD’s that will instantly score us a CD signing stub came. Oh M! I was hesitant at first because Faye and Trisha aren’t going with me this time.

I guess the guy is trained really well in doing the sales talk or maybe I was really eager seeing Mr. Posner up close :”> because when the MAN everyone’s been waiting for finally came out, I instantly knew I had to be there. So these things happened in order; I called the guy, paid the CD, entered the hall, squeezed in myself to go closer to the stage until I found the right place.

I sang along the entire night.
I brought my brains up several times.
I jumped up and down when the beat calls for it.
I was crazy. Really! This had been the fruit of my sleepless nights for a week or two. He had just been the last person I have in mind before I try so hard bringing myself to a deep, sweet sleep. No wonder, I’ve nursed a pimple on my forehead for that long too

Photo of everyone at G4 having their brains up! Definitely crazy!!! OMG!
(Grabbed from Mr. Mike Posner himself!)

I feel sorry that this is so far the only best photo I have of him during the show.

He sang many of his songs but I wasn’t paying much attention how many songs it were, my eyes were attentively following his moves on stage while my ears our loving the sound of his voice. I may have said it a lot on my FB status but he truly made my heart beat oh so fast! He also sang his songs from THE LAYOVER; Rolling in the Deep, Wonderwall, LOOKS LIKE SEX, etc. which he all did awesomely!

And when he sang PLEASE DON’T GO and COOLER THAN ME, the only thing I had in mind was that I HAVE TO MARRY THIS GUY.

This is love! Ha-ha! I’ve been mildly hyperventilating! My smile was up to my ears! He gave me a really warm feeling I was never familiar with.

The show ended with audience wishing it never did. No one wanted it to end simply because we all had a great time.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to leave just yet since I’ll be lining up to have my CD signed. Wonderful!

After the long line of people for the Meet and Greet, the call for the CD signing stub holders came in next. It was another long line. As I get closer, I can no longer feel my heartbeat, I can’t actually feel anything.

My turn already, is this the same feeling of walking down the aisle? It must have been like this minus the wedding bells. Before he signed my CD, I said “Can I get a hug?” guess what? I got one plus a smack on the neck beneath my hair! OMG! If I only knew that, I should have offered my cheek instead :”>

I am seriously not just imagining things. Sadly, there were no photos to prove that since an exclusive part of the meet and greet privileges is having their photos taken with him. Nevertheless, I am more than glad to have a CD signed by him. I am overflowing with happiness and will probably carry the sweetest smile I can ever manifest for months. I just gave myself an advance birthday present.

For those who don't have their own copy yet. Go grab your own because it's more than worth it!

By the way, did I forget to mention that he told me, “I like your earrings” and since I’m almost in a state of hysteria, I just managed to reply with a kinikilig na “Thank you!” when I should’ve replied, “I like you” instead. Now I have this pair of earrings as one of my favorite :”>
talking about this pair :)

Your Filipina Lover,

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