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Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair 2

Indeed, a successful first time experience!

We were definitely one of the early birds. We were there at exactly 10am since we are not considering the idea of missing out on awesome stuff available. And so we didn't! We had the time of our lives browsing from booth to booth while spotting fashionistas everywhere.

I couldn't help but stop and just say wow every time I spot a fab piece then take some time thinking of blah, blah's like how to style it/ where to wear it/ will it look good on me sort of queries. I don't know if the same thing went with my friends Jhoanna and Mia but I am sure that however differently we went through deciding on our fab buys, it all just led us to lucky ladies bringing hope new darlings to add up on our closet.

Well, the gorgeous items I purchased are stunners! Couldn't let my hands off them.

But can you believe it? I left the place by 11:30 am! and I regret having to leave super early. I was in a rush for another event I will be hosting yet those few moments I spent on the event, shopping for stuff that awe-stuck me literally, already made my entire day :)

And the biggest plus to everything, finally meeting my blogger loves! They contribute on intensifying my burning passion for fashion with their must-read blog posts. They are inspirations for bloggers like me. I don't even remember the exact feeling being beside them just for a few seconds to make this photo possible. As I look at our photos together now, the feeling is surreal! and I'm not even exaggerating. So I am really, really thankful!

Starring top bloggers:
The Pretty Face- Joanna Aldrido
The Fabulous- Laureen Uy
The Stylish- Patricia Prieto
The Amazing- Kryz Uy
The Fierce- Kookie Buhain
The Stunner- Lissa Kahayon

I love them so much! My smile says it all.

Btw, If you're wondering why I wore black on a day event, it was because I didn't bother bringing in another outfit for the other event I was referring to earlier. I might as well just take advantage of this lacy black dress and witness how it tries to match with the crowd.

Korean brand dress, Parisian shoes, SM Accessories necklace, Fash by Rizza connector ring, Versace bag


  1. Thank you for this post! :) Till next BU! :)

  2. It was nice meeting you at the event, dear! Thanks for dropping by!! ;)


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