Life-changing lesson for today:

Human reality: Nobody's (fuckin') PERFECT, besides the fact that our imperfections are those that prove us to be perfectly HUMAN.

That idea of imperfections doesn't actually bother me, instead, it makes me feel special. I personally think that these make us unique..that these give essence to our individuality. Just imagine a world with perfect people, all of us would be the same.. we might be living a really, really awesome life but there won't be a single thing that would greatly remind us of something, someone, sometime, somewhere that has given great significance to our lives.

This, I think, is because "perfection" (even just the idea of it) turns us into individuals invulnerable to fear, sorrow, mistakes or whatsoever that would immensely define us as a person and would limit our knowledge by hindering the occurrence of experiences that teach us lessons.. lessons that make or break our state of being human. I think IMPERFECTIONS.. makes life, LIFE.

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