Plain and Simple in Black

This is what I wore for our simple family dinner at North Park- ATC.

Black will always be my signature color. I just love how it makes me look and feel posh and pretty. During family events I prefer to dress up as presentably simple as possible since I don't want so much Q&A from Ma and Pa re: why I'm wearing this and that 'cause that already happened way too many times already.

The dinner started sweet and ended up sweeter. This exclusive family dates seldom happen because of our mismatched schedules. My sister Tin and I happened to engage ourselves in an organization with which our time and participation are greatly demanded. So no wonder this day made me oh-so-happy! Just the ride away and back home is worthwhile.

Indeed a day that had added up treasured moments in my life. This is LOVE!

Tin, Me, Mamz, and Ren

Ren and Mai

Papz and I

and the best couple ever (while waiting for our table) my Mamz and Papz

HK brand black dress, Manels black peep-toe clogs with gold studs

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