A little prayer

I've been reading tons of "Dear 2012" or whatever dedication it is to the coming year lately so I guess (dahil nainggit ako) I have to make my own after all. Only I'll be writing up to someone whom we owe up everything to.

Dear God,

Thank you so much! You've blessed our family a lot! I just couldn't stop thanking you everyday! We may have our ups and downs just like everybody else but you gave us no reason not to hold on to you. I may have sinned a lot, consciously/ unconsciously and there you are still taking care of me and the people special in my heart. What now God? How could I ever match up to that! Again and again, thank you. I love you. I love you so much.

No. I don't want to start anew for 2012. I want it to be the continuation of the great things I've accomplished, of things I've worked hard for and still working on. I will do my best. I will be good. Yes po, I will be good. For this coming year, fill me with strength and perseverance to break the barriers that hinder me to become the ideal person who's capable of being a blessing to others.

Cheers to more years of blogging!!! Sharing BIG LOVE to everyone!!!

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