Such drama as I turn a year older

Behind all my luxurious desires and wishes or high expectations, I'll...

always be my same old simple self carrying a miss goody two shoes personality,

always the devoted Catholic who owes every little thing to God,

always a young girl at heart who loves her family the most,

always ready to be a best friend to anyone,

and whether I like it or not, always a drama queen.

Sincerely, it's never about the gifts I get that make my day extra special. Although it's quite a good addition, it is still about people going beyond posting a simple "Happy Birthday" on my facebook wall.

It is about people wishing me something (whatever it may be), it is about my phone being busy every once in awhile for the span of 24 hours, it is about the warm feeling of being the Most Significant Person for the day.

Yes, I'm that shallow. I just want to feel that for a number of people, I existed and was somehow LOVED.

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