Italian Penne Macaroni Pasta with Kung Pao Sauce

In preparation for the New Year's Eve celebration tomorrow, I chose to have pasta as my main dish since I'm just cooking for myself anyway. I'm still working on my salad and desert.

I've always been a fan of the Italian Cuisine so to add that Italian touch to my dish I had Italian Penne Macaroni to go with Chinese Kung Pao Sauce which obviously merges both Italian and Chinese Cuisine.

Well, do I actually make sense? Ha-ha! (Pa-vegan chef talaga ang feeling)

So how does it taste, then? The sauce itself is salty and a bit spicy, if we happen to be food buddies surely you already know how much love I have for SPICY food. Having said that, I made it even spicier! YUMMY! Besides the chili taste, I also added salted peanuts which enriched the salty element of the sauce- the result was more than satisfying.

Only in the end I realized that it would go along better with spaghetti pasta. At least I've learned that before tomorrow. That's it. No matter what, this one tastes sooooo ASIAN.

Presenting, my 2nd dish Italian Penne Macaroni Pasta with Kung Pao Sauce topped with crushed salted peanuts


(soon to be) The Vegan Chef

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