Welcoming 2012 with LOVE!

Happy New Year my loves!!!

No it isn't the end of the world. yet. It's still a few hours away before the clock hits 12 midnight but I can already hear noises of fireworks/firecrackers outside. I'm not really a fan of this sorts of stuff because later if I insist on going out to witness this, it's a sure thing that I'll be sick the next day, really sick. And since for the year 2011 I have been more aware of how this and that can somehow affect the situation of our environment (talking about pollution), I don't see what good it can bring either.

Well, Duhhhh. I'm no KJ either so let it be. Have fun but PLEASE KEEP SAFE. That's another concern when an individual's life/body part is very much at stake.

2011 is about to end, like the cliche, "Ang bilis ng panahon."

To highlight some of the best of 2011, here's my list;

1. Finally, being a member of Adamson University Mountaineers (ADUMS). Loving my M.I.N. too :">. It's already a big thing to be able to climb mountains and have fun while exploring but being officially part of a family who brought up the passion in me is another thing. Cheers to unending years of adventures! I LOVE ADUMS! 213-11-02C

2. Having found the best group of people, my ADUMS batchmates, Kadiliman 100 Years or simply Kadiliman ( I think we're so awesome, we have to make an FB page already! Seriously.). Calling the attention of wonderful people: Tintin, Angel Dear, Bunwich, Heidi Labs, Fadz, and Kuya Mark.

3. Gracing my way to Philippine Fashion Week for LEE and OXYGEN with my beautiful bestfriend, Mia.

4. Meeting Mike Posner face-to-face (not to mention the kiss & complement).

5. Being fully aware of animal cruelty. Turned into a vegan. One of the best decisions I made in my life. Support PeTA!

6. Perfect attendance on Simbang Gabi, 9 super duper early mornings Ha-ha! Perfect way of being enlightened. I promise. God made me feel even more special. Thanks to my sister, Renren, my Simbang Gabi buddy. May our wishes come true.

7. Lastly, a family bounded with love. The perfect gift I could ask for. My parents (Papz & Mamz) staying in love like their younger years. Kulitan with my siblings(Tintin, Renren, Maimai, and Jandre), although a number of fights are unavoidable, still we end up with lessons learned and nothing but LOVE again to bring us back in good terms.

So many awesome happenings of 2011 that some I haven't mentioned. Forgive me for that. Will probably make a Part 2 to make up for this soon :)

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