Hi! :)

So I'm gonna be straight to the point on this one.
I'm working on something right now and it has something to do with the concept of INDEPENDENCE.

Regardless the fact that I am pretty loaded for the coming weeks due to important stuff I committed myself with, I am still very eager to do this and I want it to be something really good.

Well, how can you help me then? I just want you to share your views, opinions, ideas, and whatsoever on the subject as well as suggestions on how I can creatively work on my video project concerning INDEPENDENCE.

You can simply comment on this post, DM me on my twitter account, send me a message or post on my timeline through facebook, or send me an email at sdeceree@ymail.com

So, what is this for? Forgive me, but I prefer to answer that when I'm finally done with this and most probably just surprise you guys on how it ended up.

Again, I need your help as I'm not really a gifted person when it comes to the magical world of editing, animation and other amazing things that require extreme knowledge about computer technology. Also, I don't want to focus on my ideas rather I want it to be a collaboration of great minds so I hope we can make that possible. Having said that, any kind of help will be deeply appreciated (PROMISE!)

Thank you with all my heart!!! <3 All the best, Deceree

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