People of My Year 2011

The People who made my year extra special, who inspired me to do great, who made me appreciate life more, who made 2011 one of the best years of my life.

1. Noel Achurra Sesbreño and Ma. Aurea Aninipot Sesbreño

To top everyone's list would probably be their parents. The people who made me, brought me out, and raised me up, the best love team ever. To say that I love them so much seemed like an understatement already since I say it a lot to others as well. 2011 has been quite tough for us but truly, trials come and go, and in the end lessons are learned and love prevails. These people have been strong and did great for the entire year! A midst their sermons and my pagtatampo/kaartehan never did I feel for a second that they stopped loving me. Every single moment I spend on earth reminds me the wonderful job they did for me and my siblings and I thank God for choosing the right pair for us.

2. Justine Mae, Anna Rhea, and Julia Mae

I never envied them for having 2 given names, I know I was supposed to be Deceree Mae but then I was thankful it didn't end up that way (ha-ha). Presenting, the most beautiful women in my life, my sisters. I admit that I was never the best ate and I wonder if I'll ever be. We fight/argue a lot, nobody knows for how long will that go on. Tintin and I even does that on a daily basis (seriously). But this I tell you, those fights were never triggered by hate but just impatience, the desperate need to heard and understood. Maybe right now, us three, will work on that more because in the end of the day, it's us who'll be be relying on each other. Definitely it is our task to make sure that each day our parents get to be proud of us and what we've become. I love them and nothing can ever ever change that. They just give me infinite reasons to be good.

3. Tuesday Ann Diong

My best friend, Tuesday. Most of my friends today may not know who she is. We've had this bestfriend-ship ever since 1st grade but during (I think) 5th grade, she flew to Guam with her family. We used to be neighbors so after school we spend most of our afternoon together. Whenever she comes back to Phil for vacation, we make sure we bring back those times we had together but unfortunately, she'd been missing a lot of vacations already. Simply put, her last vacation seemed like decades ago to me. Still I'm thankful that with the help of facebook, we get to chat a lot. Also, when his mom and brother came here (and she didn't!) she sent me a handwritten love letter, something we do a lot, and in exchange to that of course I sent mine too. To read her letter over and over again is a constant reminder to me that best friend need not to be physically present for me to feel her presence. Wherever she is, she'll always be someone I can tell everything to. No limitations at all. I love her, no questions asked.

4. "Batch Kadiliman"
Kenneth Bryan Panganiban, Marjayleen Zaragoza, Heidi Vinluan, Justine Mae Sesbreño, Angelica Gloria De Dios, and Mark Neil Ada

Batch Kadiliman has been my modern family. Why do I say that? Because they are the ones I can share a beer with and not worry about what will happen to me afterwards and the ones I share my corny jokes which I think they somehow appreciate. With them I can showcase my "no class" laugh, call them names, and be crazy like its the best thing in the world to be. Together, we really have built a FAMILY. A family that climb mountains, get high by the idea of adventures, and enjoy being non-sense (still we're really smart). I just hope we also never stop exploring and experiencing the wonders the world has in stall for us.

5. Ms. Solenn Heussaff

I may not know Solenn personally but she's been an inspiration to me. If you're thinking that I have this dream of becoming a model, honestly I don't rather I think of myself as an aspiring make-up artist. Also, I think the idea of being a designer and singer? will be great. Solenn do these things I love and (many) other stuff, and do these precisely. Besides her gifted skills, I admire her beauty, style, and how effortlessly attractive she is. Her charm is just unfathomable. She is a woman who is sexy and still maintains class. Obviously, 2011 has been a great year for her too as she had grown to be a good actress and singer. She's someone I would always look up to in the field of entertainment.

6. PeTA

The urge to have PeTA or the people making every success possible for the organization is too strong that they indeed deserve a spot on my list. On the 24h of October 2011, I started my vegan life style, the next day I signed their 30-day pledge (and some other)but even after a month I didn't stop and not even planning to. So what brought me to that decision? 2 days before that, I volunteered for Ban Toxics along with Kadiliman girls and beside our booth was PeTA. They were giving away stickers, posters, booklets, magazines etc. so as "mahilig sa free" as we always were, we grab loads to bring home. The last thing I know when I got home was the huge impact those simple stuff gave me. Nevertheless, I was curious and visited their site and the more I was surprised, most videos made me teary-eyed in fact. I just want to be clear that I'm not bragging about turning myself into a vegan, anyone would practically do this after some knowledge regarding the advocacy of the org nor am I strictly implementing my family and friends to do the same thing. I know each can make their small contributions in order to diminish if not to totally stop animal's pain and for that Thank you!

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