Environmental Awareness Week

“There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of them, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.”

~Brooke Medicine Eagle

The Adamson University Mountaineers (ADUMS) held their org. related activity entitled; Environmental Awareness Week as part of their approved operational plan last January 17-20, 2012. This activity yearns to somehow escalate people’s awareness regarding the present situations of our environment as well as to encourage them to take small actions that could make it big in saving our Mother Earth. The activity was supposed to start on January 16 but due to the availability of the equipment needed for the Solar Café and Exhibit, it was moved a day further. Still, no matter the circumstances, small adjustments wouldn’t hinder us from doing our best to go on with the program. This week-long activity was divided into 3 parts, the ADUMS Solar Café, Environmental Discussions: Seminar and Open Forum, and Exhibit.

The ADUMS Solar Café, which was held from January 17-20 along CS Walkway, is an activity promoting the use of solar energy through solar panels as an alternate source of electricity. This activity was made possible in cooperation of Solar Generation Pilipinas, a strongly willed organization into spreading one of their advocacies such as Sustainable Campus to a number of school campuses all over the country, who kindly lent their equipments for a week. The Solar Café was a huge success not just because of the amount we’ve earned but as well as the support we received from our fellow Adamsonian classmates and professors who spent time to drop by the booth, shared opinions, asked questions, and signed the petitions to Ban Mercury Amalgams and Save Dolphins from the cruel hands of entertainment.

Then on January 18, Wednesday, notable speakers from six (6) NGO’s, namely; Albert Lozada (Greenpeace- Solar Generation), Myline Macabuhay (Ban Toxics), Cristina Vergara (Eco Waste Coalition), Angela Colmenares- Sabino (Earth Island Institute), Tado Jimenez (Dakila), and Dr. Lillian Ebuen (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), came to speak for the Environmental Discussions: Seminar and Open Forum which was attended by 80 students and some professors from the P.E. Department headed by their chairperson, Ms. Lorna Espeso. During this event, these organizations were allotted 30 minutes for their presentations, respectively. Each was equipped with knowledge regarding different environmental concerns so the audience’s questions were given precise answers and explanations during the Open Forum. After the inspirational and informational messages from the speakers, Certificates and Tokens of Appreciation were distributed by Ms. Espeso. Lastly, the audience was given the time to write their pledges of commitment and to seal the deal with their handprints. Consequent to this event was the Exhibit happening along CS Walkway beside the ADUMS Solar Café. It was also led by the participating NGO’s from which questions and inquiries about the advocacy of the organizations were entertained by the exhibitors and given a more thorough explanation.

Closing the school year with this activity’s wonderful message and call for help to linger in people’s minds is a gift our dear Mother Earth deserves.

Let us not be blinded by convenience and technology this modern world is offering us. Let us make time to get involve because in the end, Earth is our only home.

Lastly, on a personal note, upon being chosen as the organizer for this event I've never felt so honored and trusted yet pressured at the same time therefore I would like to thank each member of ADUMS School base who had been of great help to me and to Kuya Allan or Kuya Macho, as what most of us call him, for being somewhat my adviser throughout my preparation. None of this truly would be possible without them! Also, we would like to thank the alumni of our organization for their most helpful financial support (this is really something that shouldn't be announced yet we're so thankful, I can't help it) and for some of them who made it despite their busy schedules, especially the speakers from different NGO's who made this event every bit of a success. We did it! It's time we make a difference. Big things grow from small ones and yes, this is one of them.

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