Definition of LOVE

Ma. Aurea Aninipot Sesbreño


She is the woman who…

• teaches me to learn from my mistakes.

• makes me believe that despite the amount of tears I’ve shed, great things will happen.

• fights for me whenever I find no strength to stand for myself, her love is too strong to be defeated.

• makes me feel that I’m a beautiful person.

• loves me for who I am and trusts the person I am slowly growing to be.

• pressures me to be the best yet understands my shortcomings no matter what.

• believes in what I can do even if the rest of the world is doubting.

• does not tolerate my misconduct.

• speaks to me from the heart.

• gives me priceless hugs and kisses.

Mama, you are LOVE. It’s already too much that you put us, your family, first before yourself. God, indeed, granted us the best. YOU.

Each time I’m asked to define love, I always seem to be out of words but only the vision of the mother who raised us. Then I realized 3 words synonymous to you, Mama.

I love you Mama. We love you.

Thank you Lord for keeping her healthy, happy, and in love.

They say, “It’s hard living a life without a mom”. I say, “I can’t even imagine”.

It seems like being forever with you isn’t enough. Yes, forever isn’t enough for me to express how much I love you. If forever stops, I will stop.



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