Going Beyond Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a universal movement towards a better world to live in and a solid reminder that we are up to provide a stabilized environment for the future generation. That significant hour participated by people all over the globe for our dear Mother Earth really helped. Yes, it did yet she is already asking more from us, asking us to take it further brought by the grave weight we have caused her.

This year, on the 31st day of March, Greenpeace, along with Care for the Earth Ministry of our Lady of Remedies Parish and Great Work Movement, took a huge step in trusting their belief on this year’s theme; “Going Beyond Earth Hour” by calling the attention of the government to implement the Renewable Energy Law. It is by signing on to the Energy Revolution- a shift in the way energy is sourced, distributed, and consumed that we’ll be able to wean the world away from its reliance on fossil fuels, especially coal, which is the single best contributor to carbon emissions. Its two major components are the massive uptake of renewable energy to manage the supply side and the implementation of energy efficiency measures, to manage the demand side. (Source: http://www.greenpeace.org)

The matter of climate change is getting serious. NOW is the best time to act! Starting on simple ones wouldn’t hurt thus; it would grow into fruitful outcomes that will make a payment for our debt accounts on the only home that provides us a place to live our lives- Earth. The future of our children is entrusted in our hands; let us not fail them by taking these worldly circumstances for granted. With great conviction, I believe that we should allow escalation of awareness among ourselves and then reflect. May this Earth Hour, a simple nevertheless momentous hour we shared, serve as an inspiration for superior measures on climate action. Assent to this commitment and slowly we’ll be creating major changes our world desperately needs.

It has been an honor and a great opportunity to be part of the team whose commitment lies on the betterment of the world. No words can fully express how grateful we are for having been granted such encouraging moment, a moment Mother Earth truly deserves. In behalf of our group, THANK YOU!

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