In My Wildest Dream

The most loved week of all weeks- The Philippine Fashion Week!

It is the event where all the famous, influential, and passionate people of the Philippine Fashion Industry gather to witness wondrous collections of our country’s great designers- this time for the 2012 Holiday Collection.

My best friend, Mia, and I were one of the privileged. It is my 3rd time to attend this fantastic twice-a-year show and it always leaves me breathless. Philippine Fashion just gets better and better. This is one of the moments I get to say, I’m proud to be Pinoy!

Unfortunately, I was too caught up with the show that I wasn’t able to take photos unlike the previous shows I attended where I was up the entire time taking good shots. So mostly it’s my photos and Mia’s that is posted here nevertheless, hundreds of photos are already posted all over the internet and I just want to say that even by simply looking at them, I can revert to that awestuck moment I had during the event.

To sum it up in one word, REMARKABLE.

Teresa Herrera & Danica Magpantay for EsAc plus the scene stealers!!! Truly a startling ending of the night.

Spotted were two of my favorite designers, Eric Delos Santos and Veejay Floresca! Awesoooooome!

Bazaar leopard print dress, Parisian purse, Manels peep toe clogs

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