Paving the Runway 2012

Every day is a dress-up day but for those who don't want the hassle of accessorizing, you need not to worry as clothing happens to be the major detail when talking about fashion. You might have just found the brand meant for you.

“Crimson Re-Invented”

A brand well established in 1990 and recently was acquired late 2010.
Known for its unique and comfortable wear, they recently launched their collection at Privé Luxury Club.

Going beyond their standards featuring stylish and classic pieces especially designed by Mr. Vijay Khemani, it is evident to every single part of the collection, from top to bottom, the designer precisely focused on keeping the details both classy and interesting, always one of its kind offering both comfort and style.

From the page of Crimson Re-invented. Click it - View it -"Like" it

Hosted by Ms. Daina Meneses

The Collection


  1. oooOOh! the clothes are soo chic! I <3 it!

  2. those denim jumpsuit is a must have in my closet!


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