Special Invitation

Hello fellow Adamsonians! Welcome to another year of striving for good grades, making new friends, and creating wonderful memories.

It seems like only yesterday when I signed up for a membership on Adamson University Mountaineers (ADUMS). After those painful outbreaks from training, strenuous climbs and many other sorts of stuff that almost had me giving up, who knew I would actually end up being a member of the organization, all the more, the elected President.

Since then, I have never been so happy. From that simple student who is always trying to make it big in the academic field, I became a more substantial person whose heart and mind lies beyond what is offered in front me. From that home buddy who spends more time in front of the computer than in bed, I became a wanderer whose eyes appreciate every single wonder of nature and whose feet work hard in order to reach the peak.

This Saturday, as the Adamson University- Recognized Student Organizations officially start the Membership Drive (the same event where I took my first step to what I didn’t know will be one of my best decisions in life), I am inviting you to grab this great opportunity!

Sign up for adventures like no other and be part of our growing family!

See you there!

Deceree A. Sesbreno
ADUMS President

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  1. Nice one Pres! Keep up the great work. Work hard, climb higher! lol


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