Vogue on Flight

Last Saturday, Hennessy had its annual celebration of flavors at Opus. As the product upholds to its trade mark, “Global Art of Mixing”, artists of different genres collaborated for the whimsical event while the rest enjoyed the music along with the perfect drink that goes with it- Hennessy. Truly, it takes great music to enjoy a great drink.

At that moment, I was given the great opportunity to meet the Golden Boy of Aviation, Lucas Raven, who was undoubtedly chosen to be the New Face of Crimson Re-Invented because of the striking profile he has for the brand’s new collection inspired by the Lifestyle of Aviators. Indeed, who else is best to represent it but The Raven himself!

(Photo grabbed from Crimson Re-Invented's page)

THE RAVEN wearing pieces from Crimson's Aviation Collection.

The shirt seems to me screaming “statement and style”.

On the other hand, the distinct design of the jacket reminds me of how men’s fashion is constantly evolving. It’s just the perfect piece that could practically go with any occasion.

As it turned out to be a head-turner for me, here's a closer look on the details of the stylish CRIMSON Jacket he's flaunting.

Would love to know more about the brand? Check out their page by just clicking through the link! CRIMSON RE-INVENTED

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