A Shining Star behind the Lens

Lucas Raven, AMAN AIR’s Aviation Ambassador, recently made this collaboration with a young however gifted photographer named Allyssa Heuze. She was the first photographer chosen by The Raven, himself for AMAN AIR’s Inflight Magazine called FLY and recognized for his great choices of photographers, Allyssa will be, without a doubt, just as blessed with attention as they were.

Allyssa Heuze- a half French, half Filipina 18-year-old photographer proves that age doesn't matter as far as talent and skills are concerned. Her simple hobby of taking photos of practically everything at sight while playing around with settings and angles sparked the passion and gift she has for the art of photography. From randomly asking a friend to do a photo shoot did she decide to focus on fashion and portrait photography with which working with different faces whilst finding their best angles were challenges she took as a learning and blooming artist. Nevertheless, she is also very attached to human interest photography. Inspired by the homeless and less fortunate’s positive outlook in life, she intends to show the ignorant the painful reality of life yet the unwavering hope they have among themselves.

On a wonderful journey of making a name for herself, she had her first exhibit in 2009 at Boracay entitled “On ne voit bien qu’avec le Coeur” meaning We only see truly with our Hearts and is currently working on her 2nd exhibit that is a combination of her photographs and paintings.  

Indeed, there is no stopping her. After 5 beautiful years of learning and experiencing different scopes of photography has to offer, she’ll be leaving the country soon to take up a photography course in France.

For more photos, you can visit Allyssa's page here.


  1. Allyssa is amazing, I love working with her! She's such a natural talent!


  2. If you don't mind, I've selected you for Liebster Award to answer some questions. (Check out my page for more info.
    Just let me know if you're accepting it or not. :)

  3. Great post!!



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