CRIMSON RE-INVENTED: "The Sky is my Playground"

The Holiday is coming up, fashion impasses are piling up. Blend in trend with the harmonious carols of the season because CRIMSON’s got your dilemmas at hand.

Early this year marked the re-launch of CRIMSON RE-INVENTED, CRIMSON AVIATION a subcategory significantly inspired collection of the coveted Lifestyle of Aviators.

Military styles typically reflected social moods of the people during war whether in protest or support. Civilians have embraced military fashion trends for decades and the style’s popularity often tracks with the cycle of U.S. wars. Through time, military-inspired clothing maintained many of the original masculine style elements.

However CRIMSON has taken the liberty to incorporate military/aviation inspired elements into garments with more men and ladies silhouettes and particularly in basic aviation style. Specifically, “The Sky is my Playground” as handpicked by our very own creative head, Mr. Vijay Khemani.

The collection showcases revved up designs that are pumped up with edge and playground photographic prints that will have us playing up high with our style.

CRIMSON AVIATION basic tees collection for Men
featuring scene stealer prints and designs

CRIMSON AVIATION basic tees collection for Women
featuring Amelia Earhart printed shirts, tank top, slim fit or off-shoulder tops with edgy vibe of camouflage

Versatility is CRIMSON's key in coming up with astonishingly designed pieces while never losing the signature touch of the brand. We are captivated by its change of perspective and to flaunt it is our major target for the holiday. We can set off anywhere embracing the skies or flashing with glamour.

We know the brand; there are endless reasons to enjoy your holiday! 

Let’s do it the CRIMSON way!

To know more about the brand, check out their page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crimson-Re-Invented/299106763454046.

Avail of the shopping convenience it is available in ZALORA http://www.zalora.com.ph/crimson/
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