He's the Man

I admit it, it's really a tough job being a man... with responsibilities. But he is more than just a man.

He is loving, understanding, funny, and truly EVERYTHING to us.

He is our Papa.

While some do greatly on being a dad, he exceeds that by being a greatly admired husband. Their relationship may not be perfect but whatever comes their way, they don't just go with it... they grow with it. That, I think makes up for a long-lasting marriage and a stronger family bond.

"I love you Papa", "Thank you Papa".
I wish there were stronger words for me to fully express how I am very, very grateful for his unconditional love to us. With him, we feel protected (sometimes overprotected LOL) which gives us the right to feel all the more special. For Papa, we will never fail because for him, we are the best.

There was a time when he asked me, "Magaling ba akong tatay?" and you know what? I tried really hard to hold my emotions because for him to say that meant that we failed him at some point. Then I realized, it's simply because he just wants to be the best for us.

We love you. Thank you.
Look at what we've become, it's all because of you.

Mark my words. The greatest love you can get get from a man is that of your father's. 


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