I am a VITRESS lady!

Dull, dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. Please,I've had enough!

No woman deserves a bad hair day, and indeed, Vitress has long proven to be our savior! 

All throughout my high school life I've had Vitress Long-Lasting Fragrance with Scent-Infinity COMPLEX Hair Polish as part of my vanity kit. 

I was born with thick, wild hair and being hair as a woman's crowning glory, I've set a goal be the queen just like any girl of my age did back then. It seemed to me that keeping up with the new hairstyles was even harder than keeping up with my academic life. You see, I've always been striving for beauty and my hair is on the top of the list. It was until a hair stylist introduced me to the product that literally changed my life- Vitress!

Now, I'm more than happy to go on to the NEXT LEVEL OF SHINE with Vitress Hair Repair-with Hydro-Restore Cuticle Coat as greatly inspired by my most admired woman today, Ms. Solenn Heussaff (who is by the way, my new twitter friend). Admit it, she truly has that long, straight, and silky hair that women would love to have for themselves which includes me, of course. 

Check out Vitress Maaayusan Mo Kaya Webisode 2: Wet a Minute, Vitress It! to understand more about what I'm talking about!

You don't wanna miss out, go get your VITRESS now!
I am really thrilled to get my gift pack!

Behold the transformation of your dull, dry and damaged hair with Vitress Hair Solutions products. It is scientifically formulated to address the specific needs of your hair. Vitress protects your hair against harsh environmental elements that may damage hair making it dull, dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Each unique product is enhanced with vitamins, minerals and natural moisturizers to nourish your hair. 
-Splash Corporation

Vitress Hair Polish
Vitress Cuticle Coat

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  1. I will look for this product!!


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