I get starry eyed every time my parents would tell us (my sisters and I) their love story.

My Dad, a Manileño. My Mom, a Bicolana.

It all started with playful teasing that grew into something more special. Of course they had several other relationships but, what inspires me is how they were bounded to be each other’s “First & Last”.

I then grew up believing that…


I don’t always play the role of Ms. Forever Alone, I almost had my shot at love yet I’m too scared to start something that won’t last. I am caged in my belief and is presently journeying my way out.

As I have posted on my facebook account,

“There's more to love than just that delightful 'kilig' feeling. You'll fight then you'll have to surrender your pride in order to understand each other. You'll have to meet halfway, compromise is the key. All throughout your relationship, trust and respect are the greatest values you'll have to hold on to. 
None of us have to rush; engaging in a relationship is not a race. "In time"- that's what I always tell myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been single and it is a ‘fun’ topic I’ll have to deal with sometimes or maybe until who-knows-when but that doesn't stop me from living a wonderful life. In fact, I'm happy. 
It is actually my personal joy to see happy couples everywhere I go. I may not know much. Well, on an experiential note that is. My basic knowledge of romance may just be novel and movie based, nevertheless allow me to share what I have in mind.”

There might just be ONLY ONE for me.

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