The Truth Beyond Our Comfort Zones

For 3 days I've been away from home aiming to experience the lifestyle of the community at our chosen destination. As I relinquish my vanity of make-up, jewelries, and clothing… little did I know that I was on a “quest of the heart”.

Fresh from Christmas celebration, I, together with my ADUMS family, travelled for hours from Manila to Pito Benguet, Pito Benguet to Baguio, and Baguio to Manila, by bus, by jeepney and by feet. It was my first time riding on the top load of the jeepney and the bus, a truly unforgettable experience which was a blend of fun and embarrassment (please, don’t ask me why) but, no regrets at all.

When we reached the place, the community warmly welcomed us and they were really glad to see familiar faces since it had been an annual activity of ADUMS long before I wasn't even part of it. 

The cold weather was beyond what I expected and somehow beyond I could bear, especially during the unsettling chilliness of the night. I spent my days helping with the food and goods preparation, at the “Reading Hut” construction site, and mostly with the children- which was the highlight of my stay there.

Food & Goods Preparation

"Reading Hut" Construction Site

Treasured Moments with the children

Just when I thought I would be longing for home… the children’s bright faces and innocent smiles showing sheer happiness filled me with the same tenderness of dwelling. We held hands while walking, exchanged stories about our homes, and they taught me a bit of their dialect, “Kalanguya”. Only the jolly beating of my heart can express how grateful I am for the moments we shared, singing in my head are the names of these wonderful children that I shall look forward to meeting again.

Sharing what we have counts and it’s a joy to see how they genuinely appreciate it but in the end of the day, I realized that we can give so much- OURSELVES. It’s on opening our hearts and minds to others where altruism is rooted. Believe me, these people I spent a few days with are living an amazing life where all of sudden you’ll realize it is them teaching you how to live a life of hard work and contentment but not short of aspirations. 

So if you’ll ask me about the “Truth Beyond our Comfort Zones”, this is my adaptation of it. 

Paalam, Pito Benguet. Hanggang sa muli! 

Congratulations to my fellow adventurers, Tintin, Bunwich, Tel Corn (Activity Organizer), Maricarl, Ate Shirley, Ate Jona, Kuya AR, Kuya Bojie, Kuya JC and family!

Congratulations to the people who generously supported this activity!

Congratulations ADUMS!

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