verba volant, scripta manent

“I’m not sure if I make sense but it somehow made me the person I desire to be and not what the society expect me to be. Fear may have hindered me for a while yet the pleasurable result is permanent.”

December 15, 2012 literally marked a significant high point in my life as I muster as much courage as I could... on getting inked at GET Inked (no pun intended). After months of planning and hesitation, this is it!

Getting a tattoo was definitely a journey and I truly had a great one.

"verba volant, scripta manent"
A Latin phrase meaning, words fly away, writings remain.

A writer by heart, it is no surprise the meaningful quest led me to this. Word by word, it strike me. Indeed, mere words are nothing unless put together as instruments in living and leaving our individual stories.

Look at that face! Ha! Ha!

I wouldn’t lie, it was painful. Mean words came out which I’m fully aware was just so not cool. This is definitely one of the moments where “no pain, no gain” applies and that pain I had became a remarkable part of me.

Thanks to my friends Tin (/sister), Jon, and Yoku! I’ve been maarte, I really appreciated their encouragement. Yehey! We did it! Also, thank you to tattoo artist, Nikko Samson for his patience. First time, hope that explains it.

With Yoku

Jon & Tin

P.S. I know I'm fat but I want it there, so be it! :D 

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