A Love Letter

Dear Tintin,

Happy happy birthday! 

Your beauty glows.

Thank you for being my sister...
For fighting with me and proving me that I'm not always right.
For fighting for me, thus defending me, simply because I am too weak to do it for myself.

Thank you for being my best friend...
For pretending to keep my secrets and making me realize that I must be true to myself.
For always being there despite my random whatever's, moreover, understanding my being all-over-the-place.

Thank you for being my #1 fan...
For believing that I can and building up my confidence, the one I failed to do on my own.
For relying on my opinion and trusting my decisions.

My sister. My best friend. My #1 fan.
Thank you for being all of the above.

I love watching you bloom. As admired as you are for your irresistible charm, little do they know that you were once an Ate's girl. All of a sudden, I miss that... I miss how strongly you'd insist I stick around but now I couldn't help being proud of what you've become- a beautiful and brave woman.

Either way, I, too, am your sister, best friend, and #1 fan.

Loving you very much,
Ate Den <3

We've been praying and crying... it's hard, I know. Keep it mind that when it gets too much to bear, sharing a hug would be very helpful. Too cheesy though. It may be a roller coaster of emotions right now for us but hey, don't allow this to hinder us from celebrating.

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  1. This is too sweet!

    Oh and I nominated you for the one lovely blog award. :) The link is here if you want to know more about it!!!



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