Ugat ng PILAKsamahan: A Photo Exhibit

"Mga ala-alang payak, higit ang halaga sa PILAK."

On the 4th day of January 2013, Adamson University Mountaineers (ADUMS) held the opening of their photo exhibit entitled: “Ugat ng PILAKsamahan” at AdU Art Gallery. In adapting the aforementioned title for the year-round celebration of the organization’s Silver Anniversary, they seek to enlighten everyone on where this family was rooted- FRIENDSHIP.

Clap! Clap! For the AdU Acoustic band on their wonderful rendition of "A Thousand Years" and "Just the way you are"

I believe that for 25 years, ADUMS remained steadfast to their variation of goals but united through their passion for adventures. More than just an organization, indeed, it is a family that I am proud to be part of. To act an important role in this remarkably significant year has put me in extreme pressure as much as in shame of failing to devote more of myself. Nevertheless, I am filled with pride and gratitude that this celebration has become a huge success and of course, I would like to applaud the wonderful people who dedicated their time, knowledge, and effort to produce such a beautiful outcome.

OVERWHELMED. Thank you for sharing this amazing moment with us!

Team Blackberry :)
Kadiliman girls reunited!

The history has been written, told, and CAPTURED. 

Silver years of adventures… this is our story.

Open from January 4 to 19, 2013 at AdU Art Gallery, join us as we narrate to you, in photos, the story that made us what we are right now. 

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  1. wow! I love photo exhibit :)



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