Eat Out Sunday

It's SunDate. A date with God and my family.

And since I am the only vegan in our family... yet, I get to choose ,or more appropriately, 'find' where I shall get a vegan meal.

So what's for lunch? Check it out!

Reunion with the yummy Mushroom Burger from Bodato Burgers! (minus the cheese for me)
I really missed this! The last time I ate this felt like a million years ago already. They should probably change its tagline into GUILT-FREE GREATNESS! Hahaha. Seriously, it's really good!


Being the ultimate sweets lover, I wouldn't want to miss out on dessert too, right?
So behold is my newly found pleasure... Mr Bean!!!

They cater soy-made-sweets that will certainly make vegans giddy! And isn't that a lovely feeling?

It is located beside the famous, Gong Cha and always busy,  J.Co

Their awesome wall says it all

Indulging and digging in to "Life's Simple Pleasure"
Soy Choco-licious!

Bottom line is, as always, enjoying good food and living life compassionately need not to be so difficult.
In fact, it just gets lovelier each day!

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