Impalpable Dream of Russia

Tonight, we share a dream.

Tonight, we share Michael Cinco’s “Impalpable Dream of Russia”.

Philippine Fashion is constantly evolving, offering nothing but the best. And as we speak of Philippine fashion, we speak of Michael Cinco- truly, a Filipino pride who never seizes to amaze.

It has been my greatest honor and grandest pleasure to witness for the first time, a Michael Cinco show… up close. Before my eyes, his creations sparkle the runway and when it hit the light, oh my, BREATHTAKING! In my head, “it just gets better and better and better”. It doesn’t take a keen eye to see the intricate details of his designs as it screams out to you by itself in the most promising couture way.

The booming music filled my senses with utter excitement and the graceful dancing of lights kept me hanging piece by piece in equally overwhelming appreciation. I can’t speak in fine points for what I have to say might be an understatement to how amazing his art pieces were, he’s a talent whose growth in fashion I cannot fathom.

The show narrated a story. The show outshone diamonds. The show is Michael Cinco’s- the night is his for us.  

Behold is a tale of elegance...

Art that is too dreamy to my eyes…

Photos courtesy of www.philippinefashionweeklive.com

Call this a BONUS. 
The Impalpable Michael Cinco strut the runway radiating "couture" success!
Click here to watch the video.
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  3. i love these photos,and they are so beautiful. I love your post. Thanks very much.

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